Dream Of The Final Night 2017


Dream of the Final Night offers a chance to step into the new year with emotions fulfilled with athletic activities, Meremõisa pinetree forest and candlelight. 

The event takes place eigth time.

The 1 km trail is open for 12 hours, from midday til midnight. Come to run or (nordic)walk last kilometers of given year at an international endurance event. All participants who exceed the minimum distance of 10 km, will receive a diploma and a souvenir. Supportpoint located on start/finish area offers food and drink including cold and warm beverages and meals. Results are mesaured with a new electronic timekeeping system.


Dmitrijs Nicipors and Ulvi Lond won Laulasmaa Ultra on a new, even harder trail

Photo by Kristina Vennikas: the start of Laulasmaa Ultra

On Saturday evening, 11th June 2017 the finish of Laulasma Ultra- Estonian longest walking and running event was closed.

Latvian Dmitris Nicipors made a great trail record by running 211km in 22 hours, 51 minutes and 16 seconds (av 6 min 29sek/ km). The second and the third place went to Latvia as well. Kaspars Adijāns got the second place (26:59:19), Laimonis Skadinš the third place (27:46:56).